Pin App & open settings

Click on the Extensions button on the right side of Chrome and pin the Relingo icon in the Extensions panel


Set language levels and graded vocabulary

Relingo will automatically configure the language based on your browser's default language, if it is not the same as your native language please set the language manually. After configuring the language, you can choose a graded vocabulary level that matches your English proficiency. The higher the proficiency level, the fewer the corresponding prompts will be when browsing the web.


Open the Web page and start reading

Open the English web page or Youtube video you need to learn, Relingo will automatically translate and highlight the graded vocabulary or vocabulary you are not familiar with, you can also translate the text by scratching the words, and then you can bookmark the vocabulary you are not familiar with in the translation pop-up window, which will be repeated in your future web browsing to enhance your memory


Customize other setting items

Relingo provides you with rich customization settings, you can choose theme color, choose highlighting configuration, and also customize shortcut keys according to your preferences. If you encounter problems during use, you can click on product suggestions and we will follow up with optimization.