Build your vocabulary on your interests

We believe that what interests you is the easiest to remember. Relingo not only covers major information acquisition scenarios such as full-text translation, bilingual video subtitles, and PDF reading, but it can also highlight new words based on vocabulary and save them with one click, and use your free time to review and deepen your memory.

Discover and save difficult words automatically

Relingo automatically highlights and translates based on the difficulty level you set and your favorite vocabulary. You only need to focus on your unfamiliar words and strengthen your memory in different contexts when browsing the web.

Expand your vocabulary and learn it when browsing

We constantly build and train our new words by reading and watching videos. The collected words jump out repeatedly in the subsequent reading, constantly refreshing the memory of words and unconsciously enlarging the vocabulary.

Based on your interests, access online resources without worry

Read the article quickly and master the new words faster and more efficiently while browsing the web content that you are interested in every day. Reciting words should no longer be a difficult task.

Watching interesting videos to learn English

Relingo supports any readable website, such as BBC, Medium, Facebook, and Twitter, and it also supports mainstream video websites like YouTube.

How does it work?

Install extension

Install the Relingo from extension stores

Enable extension

Configure based on your own habits

Open a web page to read

Open the daily web page to read and memorize words

What our users say

Since its launch, Relingo has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users.
Your functions in subtitle translation within YouTube are fabulous!!! Which is really useful and amiable to me
This is the best tool I have used to memorize and learn words. It is so practical that I silently record the words while reading.
Sensei tangchuan
It is really nice tools. Convenience to manager the vocabulary learning. It will be better if the translation quality could be improved further.
Luo tony

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