Browser Extension 3.1 released, restructure expirence


We are excited to announce that the version 3.1 of the plugin is now live! In this update, we have performed a complete overhaul to provide a more stable, smooth, and faster basic experience.

🎁 Key updates:

  • Overall refactoring: We have completely overhauled the entire plugin, making it more stable and the user experience smoother.
  • New draggable floating entrance: We have added a new feature, a draggable floating entrance, to make your use of the plugin more convenient.

🕹 Experience optimization:

  • Full text translation: We have optimized the experience of full text translation, making your reading of foreign language articles smoother.
  • YouTube video subtitle list: We have optimized the experience of the YouTube video subtitle list, making it more convenient for you to watch videos.
  • Word card interaction: We have optimized the interaction of the word card, making it easier for you to understand and remember new words when learning.

🐞 Bug fixes:

  • We have fixed the problem of the highlight disappearing after mastering a word, so that you can more accurately track your own learning progress.

Our goal has always been to provide the best user experience, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions!

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