Relingo Mobile 1.2 released, learn English with Youtube videos


We are pleased to announce that our mobile version has been upgraded to 1.2, which now fully supports YouTube video channels and playlist subscriptions, and has added YouTube video recommendation features.

New Feature: Full YouTube support

In this version, we have added support for YouTube video channel and playlist subscriptions, as well as YouTube video recommendation features. This is another major improvement in our user experience, allowing you to find the content you are interested in faster.

New Feature: Safari Extension Support

In addition, we have added support for Safari extensions, allowing you to have a richer experience when browsing the web.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

In this update, we have also fixed a number of bugs, improving the stability and performance of the application. We are always committed to providing users with the best user experience, and we look forward to you trying this new version and enjoying our new features.

Mobile Version 1.1 Review

In the previous 1.1 version, we first added support for YouTube videos, which was a major step, marking our further expansion of our services to provide you with more entertainment and learning resources.

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